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Skipton Charitable Foundation. Giving something back…

About us

The Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation (“the Charitable Foundation”) was established in February 2000 supporting registered charities throughout the UK and distributing donations. Skipton Building Society makes an annual payment to the Charitable Foundation to fund these donations.

Independent of Skipton Building Society, the Charitable Foundation’s decisions are made by its Board of Trustees.

The Charitable Foundation is run by seven trustees, including five who are independent of Skipton Building Society. The Trustees decide which good causes will benefit from the Charitable Foundation’s support. The Charitable Foundation is supported by volunteer administrators.

We’ve given away over £2.5 million since our first donations in 2000.

We’ve given donations to over 400 good causes in the last 5 years.

We’ve donated over £236,760 to around 111 good causes in 2021.

What we support

Please read our full Donations Policy.

We will consider donations:

The Charitable Foundation supports registered charities based in the UK where there is clear benefit to the recipients. Donations of up to £3,000 will be considered, that enable specific tangible items or activities to be purchased rather than donating to general funds.

Consideration will be given to charities whose objectives are:

  • To benefit children (aged under 16), through their education and or welfare i.e. literacy, numeracy and reducing poverty.
  • To provide youth schemes and projects supporting those in their late teens / early 20s in socially deprived areas with literacy, numeracy and employment.
  • To support the elderly by reducing isolation, helping reduce the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The Charitable Foundation requests that the items are to be used directly by beneficiaries and anticipate that the charity becomes the owner of that equipment, responsible for the on-going upkeep and maintenance. The following list provides some examples of activities likely to fall within our main areas of focus:

  • Sensory toys and equipment for children with special needs.
  • Items to care for isolated and/or vulnerable elderly people.
  • Support of specially adapted equipment to be used by people with physical / mental / communication disabilities.
  • Apparatus for children with special needs.
  • Items or tangible social activities for Community Centres providing a benefit to many in the local community and which meet the Charitable Foundations Donations Policy.
  • Provision of tangible and social interaction activities for the vulnerable and/or isolated.

We won’t consider donations:

The following are (non-exhaustive) examples of projects or activities which the Charitable Foundation considers do not fall within its Donations Policy and which it would be unable to support.

  • Applications for general on-going funding, running costs, rent, utility costs medical research, sponsorship, payment of salaries, counselling or expenses.
  • Requests for administration equipment such as telephones, security systems or computers, for a charity's own use.
  • Towards restoration and upkeep of buildings or maintenance of vehicles.
  • Causes serving only a specific sector of the community selected on the basis of ethnic, racial, political or religious grounds/advancement.
  • Overseas travel, expeditions or educational expenses, including causes that would otherwise qualify for support but require funds for activities outside the UK.
  • To non-registered charities, individuals or large national charities.
  • Support of activities which fall within an existing statutory funded budget or are the responsibility of central or local government even if the budget is insufficient to fund the activity applied for.

Please note: following a successful application, a charity must wait 5 years before re-applying. If an application was unsuccessful a charity must wait 2 years before re-applying.

How we work

Step 1

How the application process works

Complete the online application form, you will receive a confirmation email on submission.

Our Board of Trustees will review each application against our Donations Policy and decide which good causes will benefit from our support.

Responsibility is on the charity to submit a complete and accurate application form.

If your application does not meet our guidelines set out in the Donation Policy, we will contact you to let you know we are unable to proceed.

Step 2

Meeting dates

The trustees meet at the beginning of March, June, September and December. Submission deadline dates are the 15th of the month prior to each meeting.

Please note: Applications received after the cut-off date will be presented at the following quarterly meeting.

Step 3

Following the meeting

We will contact you via email following the meeting with the outcome, this can take up to 28 days.

The successful charities will be notified via secure email (from ) and will be asked to provide charity bank details within 2 weeks.

We will then transfer the funds via an electronic bank payment to the charity bank account.

We may contact you to seek your permission to feature your charity on our website following a successful application. With your charity’s permission, these details will be published on


The Trustees meet quarterly in March, June, September and December. Please see details of our cut off dates for the consideration of applications on the “How We Work section”. Following the meeting we will email you and let you know whether or not your application has been successful.

The Charitable Foundation only supports charities registered with one of the following:

  • The Charity Commission for England and Wales
  • The Charity Commission in Northern Ireland
  • The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator

Charities that apply to the Charitable Foundation will be considered for donations up to £3,000.

The Charitable Foundation's emphasis is on smaller amounts with the aim of supporting as many good causes as possible throughout the UK.

When considering requests for donations we may need to ask for additional information from the applicant or from third parties to substantiate the application and should the application be successful we may request evidence of payments made.

(e.g. copy invoices/proof of price and/or purchase, references and evidence as to how our support will benefit/has benefited recipients)

The Charitable Foundation will only consider donations to registered charities based in the UK.

The Charitable Foundation only supports charities with at least one year of published accounts covering a 12 month period.

Once you have received your automated response to your online application you don’t need to do anything. We will contact you following the Trustee meeting with the outcome of your application.

No. The Charitable Foundation was established by Skipton Building Society and is funded by an annual donation from Skipton Building Society but makes its decisions independently.

The Charitable Foundation's support is limited to beneficiaries within the UK. Following a successfully application, a charity must wait 5 years before re-applying. If an application was unsuccessful a charity must wait 2 years before re-applying.

No. However, the Charitable Foundation may consider applications for specific items as part of a wider appeal.

For any other queries contact

How to apply

Our application form contains full details of how to apply and the information required.

Online application form