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Due to current situation, we will be taking time to review application submissions to Skipton's Charitable Foundation and will respond in due course.

How we work

The Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation was established in February 2000 and is exclusive to registered charities and support is given by way of direct donations. The Society makes an annual payment to the Foundation to fund these grants.

Independent of the Society and its policies, the Foundation's decisions are determined by a Board of Trustees, the majority of which are independent of the Society.

The Charitable Foundation is run by seven trustees, including five who are independent of the Society. It's their job to decide which good causes will benefit from our support. The foundation is supported by two volunteer administrators.

Here's how the Charitable Foundation has helped:

  • We've given away over £1.6 million since our first donation in 2000
  • We've given donations to over 400 good causes
  • We donated £150,000 to around 85 good causes in 2015

What we support

We will consider donations:

  • To registered charities based in the UK, particularly in areas near the Society's Principal Office or one of its branches
  • Where there is clear and immediate benefit to the recipients in the UK
  • Where charities' objectives are to benefit children, through education and/or welfare, youth schemes and projects, or the elderly and their care
  • Where the charity can provide its last two years' annual accounts
  • Up to £3,000

We won't consider donations:

  • To non-registered charities or individuals
  • To activities which are primarily the responsibility of central or local government or other responsible bodies
  • Towards running costs including rent or staff wages
  • Towards restoration or upkeep of buildings
  • Towards holidays (with the possible exception of respite care) or overseas travel
  • Towards fundraising events, sponsorship or marketing appeals
  • Towards the cost or maintenance of vehicles
  • Towards the cost of counselling
  • To large national charities
  • From charities which have successfully applied to the Foundation within the previous 5 years
  • From charities which have applied to the Foundation within the previous two years
Lineham Farm

Who we have helped

Some of the charities who have recently benefitted from the Charitable Foundation:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Charitable Foundation supports registered charities with donations to enable specific tangible items or activities to be purchased rather than donating to general funds.

The foundation requests that the items are to be used directly by beneficiaries and anticipate that the charity becomes the owner of that equipment, responsible for the on-going upkeep and maintenance.

The following list provides some examples of activities likely to fall within our main areas of focus:

  • Sensory toys and equipment for children with special needs
  • Items to care for isolated and/or vulnerable elderly people
  • Support of specially adapted equipment to be used by people with physical / mental / communication disabilities
  • Apparatus for children with special needs
  • Items or tangible social activities for Community Centres providing a benefit to many in the local community
  • Provision of tangible and social interaction activities for the vulnerable and/or isolated.

Although all applications will be considered carefully, there may be projects or activities that could be regarded as registered charities, but which do not fall within the Charitable Foundation's priorities or meet other criteria.

The following are (non-exhaustive) examples of projects or activities which the Charitable Foundation considers do not fall within its priority or other criteria and which it would not therefore intend to support.

  • Applications for general on-going funding, running costs, research, sponsorship, payment of salaries or expenses
  • Requests for any administration equipment such as telephones, security systems or computers, for a charity's own use
  • Causes serving only a specific sector of the community selected on the basis of ethnic, racial, political or religious grounds/advancement
  • Overseas travel, expeditions or educational expenses, including causes that would otherwise qualify for support but require funds for activities outside the UK
  • Support of activities in, or equipment for mainstream schools, sports clubs, scouts/guides groups, local/government funded bodies

The Trustees usually meet quarterly in March, June, September and December. Following the meeting we will write to you and let you know whether or not your application has been successful.

The Charitable Foundation only supports charities registered with the Charity Commission with at least one year of published accounts covering a 12 month period.

You can email your completed application and supporting documentation to

The Foundation will only consider donations to registered charities based in the UK.

The Charitable Foundation only supports charities with at least one year of published accounts covering a 12 month period.

No. The Charitable Foundation was established by Skipton Building Society and is funded by an annual donation from the Society, but makes its decisions independently.

The Charitable Foundation's support is limited to beneficiaries within the UK. Following a successfully application, a charity must wait 5 years before re-applying. If an application was unsuccessful a charity must wait 2 years before re-applying.

Charities that apply to the Foundation will be considered for donations up to £3,000.

The Charitable Foundation's emphasis is on smaller amounts to ensure as many good causes as possible throughout the UK are supported.

When considering requests for donations we may need to ask for additional information from the applicant or from third parties to substantiate the application (e.g. copy invoices/proof of price and/or purchase, references and evidence as to how our support has benefited recipients)

No. However, the foundation may consider applications for specific items as part of a wider appeal.

How to apply

Click below for a copy of our application form. This contains full details of how to apply.

Download Application Form

PDF format

Your application must include your latest two years' financial accounts and should be sent to:

Secretary to the Charitable Foundation
Skipton Building Society
The Bailey
North Yorkshire
BD23 1DN